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 Kiyla Uchiha

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PostSubject: Kiyla Uchiha    Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:12 am

Name: Kiyla


Age:unknown .-.

Gender: female

Species/Race: humanish

Homeworld: naruto

Faction/Clan: eredar

Skin/Model: hs_gwethena

Hair Colour: brounet
Eye Colour: red
Skin Tone/Colour: cacasion

Weapons/Inventory: dragon sword plus a few other devices

History: When Kiyla was born a demon was sealed inside of her she hasn't found out how to control it until she was in her teens. she learned about the Sharingan, and how to achieve Mangekyo Sharingan. When she was older she managed to attain it and learned how to use it from her parents. she also learned a lot about the Chidori from her teacher and how to use it in a lot of ways. She also learned how to use some genjutsu from her teacher when she was at the age of 20. She learned from scrolls about curse marks and how to get them using certain potions. after the death of her clan she promised her self shell become stronger then any living thing she searched every where to find the neesecary potions to make the curse mark after that, she managed to achieve both stages of the curse mark and even with out it released she was stronger then she was before. She also learned how to use the demon inside of her powers to her benefit she continued searching for artifacts and scrolls to become more and more stronger she found a sword with the hilt of a dragon she took it and left the cavern where she found the blade she then decided to make a new group. So she'll traveled every where recruiting all the demons and humans she can find and make the Erader she also discovered other worlds with people with other strong yet strange powers she ran into Talon, and after they fought Talon sensed how strong Kiyla was and decided to make an alliance so Talon and the hollows joined with the Eredar thus increasing their ranks they made there own base access-able only by garganta which only the highest ranking Eredar can use what they currently plan now is unknown but they plan to make the universe there eternal realm after dealing wit those who would stand in there way. They continue gathering members mostly souls devoured by hollows, and other demons Talon and Kiyla are the leaders of the Eredar, and they will stop at nothing to complete their goal. Kiyla still remains at the Eredar realm learning more from her scrolls and trains with training dummies while talon gives her pointers and trains her some times basically this means Talon was Kiyla's New master teaching her new abilities she's currently there learning new abilities during her power hunt she ran into her brother which she was suprised to find alive after battleing him for almost a full day she finaly beaten him and took his sharingan eyes to achieve her eternal sharingan where she is now is not known

what ever powers the 8 tails has in store for her
Blaze Release
Shield of amaterasu
Chidori current
Chidori senbon
Chidori sharp spear
Chidori sword
Chidori raku
Chidori thunderclap
saber attack:3
saber defense:3.
(lemme know of any changes please)
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Kiyla Uchiha
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