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 TRP Fighting

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PostSubject: TRP Fighting   Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:29 pm

~=|TRP Fighting|=~
In a TRP fight, the outcome will be decided by two factors.
1. The characters in the fight.
2. The characters' Rankings.
I'll break down each of these for you.

The traits each of the characters in the fight have the most influence in the fight's outcome. If one's stronger than the other physically or mentally, if one's insane, if one can't feel pain, etc. If the character is aligned to a particular element, that'd also be a big factor. If a water user picked a fight with someone, it'd make a huge difference if it was a fire user instead of a lightning user.

A character's Rank can greatly affect the outcome of a fight, in Dueling or TRP. Obviously the higher ranked character won't always win. But with two people on opposite sides of the Rankings, the result is obvious. But for two characters closer together in the ranks, the only way this will affect them is it'll decide how much more effective the other's powers are against them.
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TRP Fighting
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