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PostSubject: Hello   Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:46 pm

Hello others reading this,

So I recently got the message that this was being made behind my back without my knowledge and for certain reasons of the past. Im not going to go into much detail as to why I joined however I would like to join and rp here because my friends are here even if that does mean me having to shut down RPG Chaos. However in the future I ask that you dont lie to me about these things or hide such knowledge away from me. Consider this my last chance as to rping if I find out some one is lieing to me about something or not telling me something that is very important I will leave rping and possibly for ever. (This also means come to me if you want to talk about changing something dont fear me and how i might get upset I will most likely sit down and listen to our ideas or suggestions)

With that out of the way and said I do hope to have fun in this community.
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