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PostSubject: Rules   Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:28 pm

Rules for everyone:

1) Do not meta. EVER.

2) Yes, Power gaming is in most animes - but we want to keep it at a limit right? Don't abuse it.

3) No flaming on the forums, nor Out of Character(OOC) If you have a bone to pick with someone and just can't stop yourself take it somewhere other than here or the server.

4) No pornography on the forums or in-game. Except if it's only IRP, then it's allowed I suppose

5) Histories ARE required, detailed histories, for high-level characters. If your character is high-level, a minimum of 3 paragraphs of 5 sentences each is required. For mid-level/average characters 1 paragraph, same for lower-level chars. For a character with no powers or special traits whatsoever(aka normal human being), even if they learn something incredible later IRP, no history is required. So if you hate histories, just start out as a normal person with nothing special and slowly grow into the most powerful being in the universe instead of starting off so uberly strong trust me, it's fun. But don't think you can make a normal human then the next day have him become god, if you choose to make your character this way the progression must be slow, think realistically and use common sense.

6) You at least need one admin to approve your bio.

7) In Text-RP's, the character that is more powerful skill-wise will most likely always win in a fight (depending on how much detail is given in a fight, or if those fighting choose to make themselves lose) and skills in Text-RP are more powerful than on the server.

NO REVIVING. I've seen quite a few characters be revived in my anime rp experience, and I do NOT want that going on here. From now on, the only way to revive a character that's dead is for every (all) admins to approve it.

9) When there's a raid or any kind of planned RP going on, don't interrupt it unless the people involved say it's ok for you to join in. Your RP will be voided, and if you continue to interfere in the RP you'll be kicked from the server or made unable to view the Text RP section of the forums, or even temp banned.

Lastly: Use common sense in this community people, please. I've seen plenty or retards try to become so badass in other communities that they just look utterly pathetic. So just use that small amount of common sense and little social knowledge that us anime geeks have..

~=|Rules specific to the Administration|=~

1) For now the admin team is made up of WhiteOne and Kyro.

2) Ok yes, you're admin now. Ok yes, you have lots of new powers now. No, you are most certainly not anymore 'badass' or in my view, st00pid. Just 'cause you're an admin doesn't put you above anyone else. You're still the same retard, you're just not as stupid as everyone else.

3) No abusing. Common sense.

4) Again, use common sense please.

Below are links to powers used in some animes that seem to be pretty popular:

This is the link to all Bleach powers that we'll be using in the RP
This is the link to all Naruto powers that we'll be using in the RP
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