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 Dueling Rules

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PostSubject: Dueling Rules   Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:07 pm

~:|Dueling Rules|:~

=|Normal Dueling|=
1st Kill: Light flesh wounds.
2nd Kill: Deep scratches / Last chance to try running.
3rd Kill: KO / Loser can ignore KO and keep going at risk of perma, but for a chance to perma kill the other character.
4th Kill: Disarming of weapon allowed / Winner can run.
5th Kill: Perma.

=|In Faction Bases|=
1st Kill: Light wound.
2nd Kill: Deep wound.
3rd Kill: Perma OR Capture.
This only applies to the intruders, those in the Faction that controls the base are killed according to the Normal Dueling guidelines.

During certain events the dueling rules may be changed accordingly. Members will be notified beforehand of the changes before the event.
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Dueling Rules
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